OX is a social impact automotive start-up with a difference; we are targeting the ~3 billion people in rural emerging markets who have never bought a vehicle, new or used. We are focused on driving prosperous trade in those communities in a way that is net-zero-compatible.

Our strategy is to deliver clean, affordable transport-as-a-service in emerging markets, driving a self-reinforcing cycle of economic growth and social impact. We are doing this by developing as a smart logistics company helping customers get their goods to market via an integrated ecosystem that spans eCommerce, credit, and at the heart, our zero-emissions transport; the OX truck.

We believe that prosperous trade is the most effective means of alleviating poverty and improving access to education, healthcare, and opportunity.

About us

At OX, we work in Agile Scrum teams. This underpins a culture of trust, flexibility, and teamwork. The flat structure at OX means teams can deliver without the need for senior sign-off!

We want to create a team with the following values:

  • Ask hard questions and give honest answers
  • Passionate about making a difference
  • Teamwork enabled by trust

Being a start-up business means things can change quickly, which drives uncertainty, so you must consider this before applying. We expect our teams to be able to adapt and respond to different types of work, broadening your experience. We know start-up environments aren’t for everyone!

The role

You will take an active role within one of OX's engineering scrum teams working throughout the design process. One day you could be developing targets and modelling, the next designing, the next getting your hands dirty installing the parts before heading out to test them. You will work with your colleagues and our partners to make the right decisions to deliver fantastic engineering. There isn’t a lengthy approval process, instead, you and your team agree on what works.

Knowledge required for the role

As a candidate, you should have an appropriate apprenticeship or degree and you must have EV systems and/or controls experience.

Any experience in EDS design, functional safety, thermal systems, requirement definition, creating test specifications, vehicle testing or low/medium volume vehicle builds is a welcome bonus.

We would also love it if you had broader engineering experience such as powertrain mounting, structural design in CAD and/or CAE - but this is not necessary for the role!

We are working towards delivering electric transport to rural emerging markets; therefore an understanding of the unique challenges faced in emerging markets is valuable to the team as well as an awareness of electric & off-road vehicles.

Talents valued at OX

  • Collaborator: Strong drive to get your hands dirty and deliver as part of a team
  • Creative & a problem solver: Ability to find new solutions to difficult problems
  • Ethical & mission-driven: Clear understanding of the right way to deliver our purpose
  • Systems thinking: Ability to optimize the design of systems
  • Holistic thinking: Desire to create solutions that work for every stage of the lifecycle
  • Minimalist: Desire for simple and effective solutions
  • Analytical: Desire to understand problems in a data-driven and structured way

What we offer you

At OX you will join us on our journey to deliver clean affordable mobility as a service to emerging markets, you will be helping save 42 million tonnes of CO2 while creating 1 million jobs in emerging markets over the next 10 years.

Your salary will be peer-set by your new team as part of the recruitment process. We expect to pay between £30,000 to £55,000 depending on experience.

OX offers working arrangements that work for you and your commitments outside of work. We offer flexible hours, part-time options, and flexible leave to put talent and skill ahead of presenteeism.

As OX grows, we will continue to build on our existing benefit offer which currently consists of:

  • Pension - 5.8% gross salary employer contribution
  • 6 months Maternity leave full pay
  • 2 weeks Paternity leave full pay
  • Ability to share in the success of OX through a Company Option Scheme potentially worth 25% of salary or more
  • Flexible holidays - we keep track of what teams achieve, not how many days you are sat at your desk

OX is an equal opportunities employer. Whatever path you took to get here, whatever background you’re from, please apply to join our team if this role excites you. We welcome part-time applications and those returning to work. We’re building a community of passionate individuals that share our goal; come and join in.

WFH / Office requirements

The role will be based in Warwickshire and will support hybrid, flexible working with a mixture of working from home and in person or at the vehicle as required by the day's work and the working patterns agreed upon with your team. OX is a highly flexible business and is fully supportive of remote working, yet we are also an engineering & manufacturing business and nothing beats talking around the real truck for solving problems.